Valentine’s Day Dinner with Alum Chef Sean Thornhill

January 26, 2022 2 min read

One of the best parts of Valentine’s Day is getting to share a special meal with someone you love. Be it a partner, children, family or friend, food brings us together, bonds us and special occasions are the best time to treat yourself to something special.

We recently caught up with one of our Alums perfectly suited to give us tips on showing love through food. Sean Thornhill’s career as a chef has blossomed since leaving CA. His talents have graced some notable Calgary establishments, including Rouge, Evoke, and he is currently indulging guests at the Fairmont Whistler Hotel. As a chef, most Valentine’s days are spent making other people’s evenings special. Last year, as a private chef, he had the opportunity to host a romantic cooking class, where he taught couples the secrets of creating a beautiful pasta dish.

In his new role, Sean has the opportunity to learn and expand his experiences by working with a passionate and diverse team. His peers inspire him. He works with a group of highly skilled individuals who bring diverse cultures and palates to the plate, creating an environment of fusion and experimentation.

So, what would be an ideal Valentine’s date for Sean?

One that he can spend with his girlfriend Laurel-Lynn and their dog Koda. It might start with a hike and then a nice homemade dinner. Sean states that one of the best parts of being a chef is that he can experiment and create an unforgettable romantic dining experience at home, while teaching Laurel-Lynn how to cook.

This Valentine’s Day, Sean has put together a special recipe for Calgary Academy Alumni.

Sean’s passion for Italian cuisine shines with this homemade gnocchi recipe. This recipe is something that anyone can make. So pour yourself and your loved ones a glass of wine (or beverage of choice), put on your favourite music, and create some memories!

Thank you, Sean, for sharing your time and talent with us. If you happen to try this dish at home, please snap a shot and share it with CA!