Every child has untapped potential. Our REACH principles and Four Pillars are woven throughout our programming, empowering students with the tools and confidence they need to unleash their potential and embrace their futures.


At CA, REACH is a way of life. These principles embody our core beliefs and guide the way our students interact with each other and the world. These words aren’t just words on a wall. For us, REACH is embedded in community, and we strive to live and speak them every day. Students learn to embrace REACH by seeing examples of its success in every aspect of our school, from their fellow students and our staff. Once students are comfortable with REACH, it serves as an essential guide and positive reference point for decision-making and social success.


Acceptance and compassion towards themselves, others and their surroundings.


A passion for living, learning, and the ability to bring positivity and energy to every experience.


A concern for the welfare of others without anticipation of reward and an understanding that our actions help us become the people we admire.


The self-motivation to set goals and work relentlessly to achieve them, even when it is challenging.


Sincerity and integrity towards themselves and others, and the recognition that this is the foundation of meaningful relationships.

Our Pillars

At Calgary Academy, we strive to help our students develop their self-confidence and social skills as well as academics. We’re here to suggest, guide and support our students in building a future that’s broader than just amazing grades. By staying true to our pillars, we can help our students build amazing lives.

Maximize every student’s academic performance.

We teach students the core processes necessary to build an effective learning toolbox. Once students are at or above grade-level, we provide enrichment opportunities that enable them to tackle more complex tasks.

Teach independent work habits and transferable skills.

By complimenting time management, organization and planning strategies with transferable skills such as test preparation, note making and test taking, we ensure students can use their toolbox to achieve success in learning and life.

Improve pro-social and self-advocacy skills.

We teach students how to choose actions and assess consequences as they develop the foundational skills required to have healthy social experiences wherever they go.

Build self-esteem and self-confidence.

By developing meaningful student-teacher relationships, we make sure every student has the opportunity to succeed and that every accomplishment is celebrated. As a student’s self-esteem and self-confidence grows, it ignites a passion for success in every aspect of their lives.