Southwest Addition

The Southwest Addition

Calgary Academy’s Southwest Addition will positively impact students’ learning experiences and give them further room to learn and grow.

This much-needed addition will have lasting impacts for years to come and represents the first significant construction at Calgary Academy in over 20 years. Construction begins in October 2023 and will be completed in time for the 2024–2025 school year.

Project Features

Modernized Instructional Spaces

Five new classrooms will allow for collaborative, cross-grade activities, and projects, ensuring students are making connections with each other and the curriculum.

Innovation Hub

This space will allow Calgary Academy students to gather, connect, socialize, study, and collaborate—eureka moments happen here.

State-of-the-Art Science Lab

With state-of-the-art equipment and technology, the lab will nurture curiosity, inspire new career paths, and help learners gain vital lab experience.

Current Construction Updates


  • Nov 24: Concrete footings were poured this past week, and temporary heating equipment has been set up to stave off the cold.
  • Nov 17: Layout of gridlines complete
  • Nov. 2: Excavation and site stripping begins
  • Oct. 23: Construction site fencing and signage in place; project mobilization initiated
  • Oct. 18: Groundbreaking ceremony with students, staff, and board members

Major Milestones

  • Excavation Begins

    On Nov. 2, excavation began for construction, including site stripping.

  • Breaking Ground

    On Wednesday, Oct. 18, we officially broke ground on the future site of the southwest addition, marking the first major construction at the school in decades.

Construction FAQs

Who is doing this work?

The Architect for this project is Riddell Kurczaba. Our construction company is Chandos Construction.

What safety measures will be in place?

The construction area will be fenced to ensure the area is not accessible to students.

Will noise impact learning?

We are making a conscious effort to avoid distracting noise as best as possible. Extreme construction noise is limited to before or after school hours. However, there will be general construction during the school day—predominantly affecting classrooms at the end of the Grades 9–10 and 11–12 hallways.

When will the project be complete?

Construction begins in October 2023, and we anticipate completion by June 2024. The Southwest Addition will be open for learning in Fall 2024.

Help Us Build It

Support the Expanding Possibilities Campaign today!

This addition is the first significant construction at Calgary Academy in over 20 years. This campaign is not about the bricks and mortar but rather the teaching and learning inside and beyond our walls. Exceptional learning requires space, and additional space requires funding.

Through sustainable, modernized construction, we, as a community, are investing not just for the next five years but for the next 50 years of impact.

To connect with us on how you can be a part of the possibilities—contact Director of Philanthropy Debra Klippenstein by email at

Amazing change is possible with your support.

Questions or Feedback?

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