Our Programs

Every child learns differently. Our programs are designed to teach students the way they learn best so they can unleash their potential. By embracing that ethos and converting it to practice, we empower students to surpass their expectations and achieve outstanding personal success.

Academy Stream

When a child is struggling with their learning, their skill acquisition suffers, and their self-confidence and self-concept are at stake. There isn’t a moment to spare in providing the support they need. Our founding Academy program helps students understand their own unique way of learning, builds on strengths, and develops transferrable tools and strategies that empower learning and open up a world of possibilities.

Collegiate Stream

Our Collegiate program pushes students to collaborate, to challenge themselves and others, and to engage richly in the world around them. With a focus on preparing for post-secondary, students leave with the mindset and skills to continually take on new challenges.


The future of flexible learning. Combining the best of flexible and in-person learning, Blended+ serves independent learners in Grades 9-12 looking for a program that is tailored to their interests and lifestyle.

Early Years

The Early Years program features three themes: exploration, connection, and motivation. Our Early Years program provides students with a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy and a head start on the skills, knowledge, and strategies to begin their love of learning early.