Integrated Studies

Integrated studies are where we showcase our holistic approach to education. We know eureka! moments are just as likely to occur on the stage or sports field as they are in a classroom. By giving students a variety of ways to explore what they love, we help them develop additional intelligences and capacities, and have a lot of fun doing it!

Making friends is important.

Academy and Collegiate students in the same grade are combined for physical education, integrated studies, lunchtime and breaks. This gives students a larger community to build friendships within and ensures our students always have company on the playground.

High School

In high school (Grades 10–12), students select two options that run for the full year. In Grade 10, one of these options must be Physical Education or Outdoor Education. All students also complete the Alberta Education-mandated Career and Life Management (CALM) course, as well as our comprehensive three-year career preparation program. After the first semester of Grade 10, students can choose if they wish to continue in physical education.

Our Integrated Studies Programs

Integrated Studies is where our students can discover new passions and interests. All IS classes are taught by subject-matter experts in specialized learning spaces for Kindergarten to Grade 12 students.


Construction Lab

Culinary Arts

Digital Studies





Outdoor Education




Sports Medicine