We design engaging, dynamic, student-centered experiences that nurture a caring, inclusive culture and instill a love of learning.


To be a beacon of possibility for richly personalized, engaging learning experiences that empower learners to pursue lives of passion and purpose.

The CA Way

Since our earliest days as pioneers in inclusive education, Calgary Academy has lived and breathed by a simple yet profound ethos: we place the individual needs of each student at the heart of everything we do. Rooted in this commitment, the spirit of Calgary Academy is embodied by a unique and authentic energy. Our growth-oriented, nurturing and inclusive culture promises that each student will be empowered to exceed their own expectations and to believe in the boundless opportunities the future holds. Hope, belonging, and a palpable sense of optimism fill our school and our hearts. Calgary Academy’s four pillars and guiding principles are woven throughout innovative programming proven to be incredibly successful since our inception; however, the true essence of Calgary Academy can only be captured by a feeling that is difficult to portray with words but undeniable in spirit. It is a feeling that fosters safety and life-long loyalty, and it is why Calgary Academy is a place so many families, students, staff, and alumni are so proud to call home.