Admissions Process

When is the best time to apply?

We suggest applying in the fall or winter to avoid any rush/delays with applications. There is a possibility that your child may be put on a waitlist should classes reach capacity.

What happens if we apply later in the year, including in the spring or summer?

For those families that apply later in the year, the response times may take longer than usual, and your child may be placed on our waitlist. Applications submitted over the summer may result in your child’s start date being delayed.

What is your admissions criteria?

Please note that our base criteria for admission to Calgary Academy are average to above-average intelligence and no primary social, emotional, or behavioural needs requiring support. Cognitive functioning is typically determined by the administration of a psychological-educational assessment by a registered psychologist. The Learning Disabilities Association of Canada (LDAC) emphasizes that diagnosed learning disabilities are different from intellectual disabilities. For more information regarding learning disabilities, please consult the LDAC’s website. Additionally, applicants’ learning needs and academic skill levels must be similar to those of our existing student groupings.

What are the most important pieces in my application?

It is important to submit the following in your application:

– Your child’s progress reports

– Individual Program Plans (if applicable)

– Speech/occupational therapy reports (if applicable)

– A current Psycho-Educational assessment (required for Academy students who have been accepted into the Academy program and potentially for some Collegiate students).

Upon reviewing these documents, if we feel we need to gather further information, we may need to have a conversation with your child’s school or professionals who have worked with your child. This will give us an accurate representation of your child’s strengths and helps us understand their individual needs. It will also allow us to determine appropriate program placement. Please note that this will not be done without parent/guardian permission.

How do I access the online application portal?

You can access your online application portal by using this link or you can click Apply Now.

Can I make changes to my application after it has been submitted?

After you have applied, you can still make changes and update your documents within SchoolAdmin.

Do you accept students mid-year?

We do consider mid-year placement should the information in the application indicate that your child’s needs would be a match for our existing student groupings and if there is space available in that grade. With any applications submitted mid-year, we must adhere to the same admissions process as we do with all other applicants. Please note that additional fees apply if enrolled after Sept. 30 and tuition will be prorated. Please see the Fees & Payments page for more details on mid-year enrolment.

What if I do not have all the required documents or they do not apply to my child?

Please ensure you make notes on your online application form in the designated fields, or you can email us if there are documents you cannot provide or those that do not apply to your child.

What does CA do to determine if my child is a good fit? 

Calgary Academy will review all the information you submitted to get a holistic picture of your child’s current strengths and where they may require additional support to determine if CA is potentially the right school for your child. Our goal is to empower students to unleash their potential and surpass their expectations, and that is why every application is uniquely reviewed based on each applicant’s individual needs.

When do you make the decision on acceptance?

Once you have applied online, including submitting all the required documentation and paying the admissions deposit, we will review your child’s file. This may take up to one month to complete.

A decision to move forward to the next phase of the application process may include a Student Needs Assessment and an informal interview. Following this, a final file review will be done. We may not be able to move forward with some applications if the Admissions Committee determines your child’s needs lie outside the criteria for acceptance.

Do you consider international students?

We consider all students who have legal status to attend school in Alberta such as a Study Permit, Work Permit, Landed Immigrant Status, Permanent Residency, Canadian Citizenship, etc. The student must be a resident of Alberta and be legally permitted to attend school in Canada. When considering any application, we must adhere to the same admissions process for all our applicants.

Please note:

– For international students, additional fees apply.

– We are unable to accept tourist visas.

See the Fees & Payments page for more details on the supplementary funding fee.

Admissions Tours

What can I expect on an Admissions Tour?

Calgary Academy currently offers Admissions Tours for prospective parents/guardians. Each tour is approximately 1.5 hours and features a brief presentation, followed by a tour of Calgary Academy, and the opportunity to ask questions, and meet our teaching staff and students.

How often do you host Admissions Tours?

We run Admissions Tours throughout the school year, generally every three weeks between October and June. To register for an upcoming tour, click here.

Can I bring my child on an Admissions Tour?

The focus of an Admissions Tour is for parents/guardians to learn more about Calgary Academy and the programs we offer. As we move forward in the application process, if we determine that we can teach your child, your child will have an opportunity at that time to have a private tour of our facilities.

Financial Information

Do you offer financial assistance?

Yes, there are a limited number of bursaries available to assist students with a demonstrated need to attend Calgary Academy. If you require bursary support, please visit our Fees & Payments page for more information on how to apply.

What does the admissions deposit include? 

The admissions deposit of $950 includes a $250 non-refundable deposit (Grades 1-12) that covers the addition of your child’s name to the placement list, and a preliminary file review. If applying for Kindergarten, the application fee of $950 includes a $150 non-refundable deposit. The remaining portion of your admissions deposit will be applied towards your child’s tuition (upon acceptance) or refunded back to you, should you withdraw your application or if CA is not able to offer your child placement.


Do I need to apply to Academy, Collegiate, or Blended+?

Once the Admissions Committee has reviewed your application and required documentation, they will determine which program is best suited for your child’s learning needs.

Before and After School Care

Do you offer before and after school care?

Yes! Before and after school care launched in Fall 2022 and is offered through Child’s Play Canada. For more information, visit the Child’s Play Canada page.