Two Unexpected Things that Go Together: Equestrianism and Blended+

April 8, 2022 2 min read

Meet Tai! She is a Grade 10 Blended+ student with a passion for equestrianism outside of school. Riding horses since she was eight years old, Tai started competing in the sport of dressage just three years later.

A precise form of riding that requires an immense amount of training for the rider and the horse, dressage involves a series of tests and movements that are signaled by the rider and intended to look effortless to spectators. Dressage involves lots of practice and concentration to compete at high levels, and the Blended+ program has allowed Tai to continue riding at least four times a week and competing while keeping up with her school studies. As a self-motivated learner who needs flexibility in her studies to continue her passion, Blended+ has been the perfect fit for her lifestyle, aligned with the program’s motto of “Learn Your Way”.

“The best part of Blended+ is the supportive community. The friends I have met here have had the most impact on me, as well as the teachers who are so supportive and help you as much as you need to succeed.” – Tai C.

Blended+ has given her the flexibility to juggle training during the day when her dressage coaches are available. The program also makes it possible for her to stay on track, balancing both schoolwork and training, making it so she never falls behind.

“The change in my confidence is probably the biggest difference for me. Before I started at CA, I was struggling with all the demands of school and training. I felt overwhelmed and then struggled with my confidence. After starting at CA, I was able to feel successful again. Blended+ has ticked all the boxes for me and I can’t say enough good things about it. I am so grateful for the success I have achieved this year.” – Tai C.

Tai hopes to continue Blended+ until she graduates high school. While she won’t be competing this year, she is hoping to begin training with a new horse and get back into competing in 2023. Good luck, Tai!

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