The sounds of CA success: CA Alum Piper

October 6, 2020 2 min read

Tis the season to get out and get moving, and nothing gets you moving harder than a sweet playlist in your ear!

CA Alum Piper Davis (‘00) curated a Spotify playlist that can motivate anyone to hop on a bike, bust out the bocce set or take a swift walk around the block.
Piper Davis is a Canadian artist and indie musician with releases on Pampa, Kompakt, Anjunadeep, Armada’s Electronic Elements, Andhim’s Super friends label and others. Her track ‘Tosch’ with Andhim was featured as ‘Pete Tong’s Essential New Tune’ on BBC Radio 1, and her indie project E1sbar’s record ’Televisual’ reached number 1 on the U.S. college radio RPM chart for electronic music.

With a degree in electroacoustic and contemporary music composition, Piper attended Red Bull Music Academy backed by her own production. She currently continues to collaborate with like minds as a musician, including her indie project E1sbar, and has recently turned her creative focus to painting, which she plans to incorporate into an audio-visual project in the web 3 space.

What Piper has to say about her time at CA:

“Calgary Academy was definitely my favourite school, which is saying a lot because my family moved every two years growing up. The small class sizes and engaging teachers were key. I was personally always obsessed with art and was allowed to work an extra art block into my schedule. At one point I was even invited to teach a class to a younger grade which was pretty cool. I don’t think that would have happened anywhere else. Calgary Academy allowed me to focus on my creativity, which is what I’m still doing 20 years later.”

Check out her music featured on this list, and if you love it, let us know! We love hearing what gets you moving!

View her music here.