Michelle Rousseau

August 23, 2023 1 min read

Michelle first and foremost is a proud mother to her son Joey. On top of this important role, she is also a devoted wife, daughter, and volunteer. In her spare time, she has enjoyed a 35-year career with Suncor Energy. After graduating with a chemical engineering degree in the late 80s and beginning her career in Suncor’s Sarnia refinery, she soon appreciated that a technical profession may not be her end goal, so she returned to school part time and obtained a commerce degree.

This decision enabled Michelle to continuously build her very diverse and broad resume within the company. She has held leadership roles in the upstream, downstream, finance, supply chain, IT, HR, marketing, projects, strategy, and planning. If not at work or home, you will find her on a football field, a hockey rink, or the Humane Society.