Teaching in Blended+: Halfway There!

March 18, 2022 3 min read

Over the course of the inaugural Blended+ year, students in Grades 9-10 have been finding their stride in the newest program at Calgary Academy (CA). Students in Blended+ are encouraged to “Learn Their Way”, whatever that may mean to them. Whether they learn best in the classroom working collaboratively with their classmates, independently completing their lessons online, or immersed in off-site learning in the community, the opportunities for flexibility within those facets are what make it unique. This flexibility is combined with shared experiences on campus and off-site to build a connected community of learners. There has been no shortage of positive impacts in the classroom – and not just for the students, but the teachers as well.

Charles Brodeur and Kim Petersen are the Blended+ teachers and have a combined total of over 40 years of experience as educators. All that experience has been put to the ultimate test designing – and delivering – an education program unlike anything delivered at CA before. They have worked tirelessly to make this program come to life.

“The flexibility that Blended+ has created for students to take control of their learning was a major draw for me to be a part of the program, but I had no idea just how flexible it would turn out to be. We have as many different schedules and plans as we do students in the program. The wide range of learners that are benefiting from this flexible and adaptable structure has been incredible to witness.” – Kim Petersen

Charles explains that in Blended+, students make choices about when, where, and with whom they learn, and daily instruction is heavily focused on providing self-directed learning skills. Developing and practicing these transferable skills as a core part of the program will set students up for success. Kim agrees, saying, “Our students are learning to take more ownership of how they are using their time within a highly supported program, and as a result, will become better prepared for life beyond high school.”

When asked how teaching Blended+ has impacted him, Charles says that the program has helped him to truly appreciate the uniqueness and identity of each student. No matter what ways they learn best, he’s seen firsthand the impact of positive work ethic and commitment to their studies, regardless of strengths, needs, and interests.

“This program is about completely rethinking the school experience and redesigning it in the best interests of our students. It’s very exciting to be at the forefront of something so innovative in its design.” – Kim Petersen

Blended+ is currently accepting applications for Grades 9-12. If you think Blended+ is right for your child, visit blended.calgaryacademy.com to learn more.