Taking Blended+ to the Slopes

February 10, 2022 2 min read

Earlier this month, Calgary Academy snowboarder, Sascha E., competed in the Air Nation Freestyle Nationals at WinSport and walked away with not one, but two, medals – gold in Senior Nationals and bronze in Junior Nationals.

A Grade 10 Blended+ student since last fall, Sascha has been practicing snowboarding at least five days a week for the past five years. It has taken a lot of dedication to become a decorated competitive snowboarder at such a young age and Sascha was looking for a school program that would allow her to continue competing while not falling behind in school.

Previously in the Academy program, Blended+ seemed like a natural fit. The most important facet of the program is that she has the autonomy to design her own schedule around her snowboarding practices and competitions that take place all over the world, while still having access to high levels of teacher support.

“Not having to be physically at school all day every day has allowed me to focus more on snowboarding while still getting my schoolwork done. Blended+ gives me the flexibility to practice the hours that I do and get my schoolwork done from anywhere at any time. This is really helpful when I am traveling.” – Sascha E.

Since starting in this program, Sascha has seen a positive shift in the way she learns, which has been integral to continuing her snowboarding passion outside of school.

“I have seen a change in myself and in the way I get my work done. It has given me the opportunity to travel more and get to more competitions, but it also means that I don’t fall behind on my schoolwork because all the classes are recorded, and I can watch them any time to get caught up.” – Sascha E.

blended+ student snowboarding What would Sascha say to a student considering Blended+? “If you are worried about starting Blended+, don’t be. The teachers have been great and there is a lot of support to allow you to be successful.”

Sascha will be competing in three more competitions coming up this March, including the World Junior Championships in Switzerland, 2022 PIPE FEST at WinSport, and NorAM Freestyle Stoneham in Quebec. Good luck, Sascha!

Applications are now open for Grades 9-12 students starting this September. Do you think Blended+ is right for your child? Visit blended.calgaryacademy.com.