Stop at the Shop and meet our people: Lanny Donde

August 6, 2020 2 min read

With Spring in the air, it is impossible to not be excited about the outdoor adventures that await. How is CA getting ready to get outside and get moving? With the training and encouragement from our very own teacher Lanny Donde and his bike shop.

Lanny started teaching in 2000 at CA, with a background in bike mechanics and having previously worked in bike shops he had a genius idea to integrate real life experience with the current curriculum.
In the shop students learn about aerodynamics in Grade 6, structure and forces in Grade 7, simple machines in Grade 8 and change of matter in Grade 9. These electives are particularly popular because they give complete visibility to basic engineering principals, and with all the bike maintenance training and long board building our students are ready to hit the paths as soon as the snow melts!

From its humble beginnings during the proof-of-concept stage where Lanny gave up his lunch hour to prepping hours to incubate the outdoor education program. He built and maintained a pump track, established a skate club, and taught our kids how to grind the rails. In addition, he connected our students to others around the world in the real time cycling game ZWIFT! The work that Lanny has done has really gotten our students up and moving!

It is apparent when one visits the shop that the students are thrilled to be learning outside the box, to learn with their minds as well as their hands, to establish invaluable skills that can be applied to their everyday life.

Without the non-linear thinking of Lanny, and the open approach to new teaching practices that CA offers these programs never would exist, and they really do set our school apart from many others.
Take a note from the students in these classes: embrace learning and getting your hands dirty. After a long winter we finally have a chance to get outside and ride and when it comes to prepping your bike for the season in Lanny’s words: “Don’t be limited, it’s just metal and rubber. Get out there and ride!”