Staffing Updates

June 15, 2021 3 min read

There have been some changes occurring in our staffing at CA over the past few months as well. Of course, we always have new staff joining us and they are excited to be part of the CA family as they are filling in positions of maternity leaves and staff moving on to other exciting adventures in their careers. We have worked hard to find excellent teachers who understand what students need in order to surpass their potential and free them to do great things in our world.

We have made some shifts in our organizational design and staffing with a few new roles and movement between roles that I wanted to let you know about too.

  • Sarah Hoag, our current Junior School Director of Learning, will be transitioning to a new role with the organization, Director of Stakeholder Engagement. She will be bringing her decades of experience at CA into this role to further develop our capacity to connect our families, alumni, and staff all for the ultimate benefit of our students.
  • Cameron MacDonald, currently teaching high school sciences, will be transitioning into a new role, Assistant Principal of Staff Development. He will be working alongside our current Assistant Principals, Paula Chattha (Junior School) and Mike Ross (Senior School) to support our teachers to continue to hone their craft and build even greater consistency for the student experience across our school.
  • Erin Ellis, currently our Senior School Director of Learning, will be taking on the whole Learning Team next year, K-12, focusing on a school-wide approach that will continue the great work done to support our teaching staff and students. The Learning Team includes many roles, such as our psychologists, speech and language pathologist, reading educators and clinicians, instructional design leads, literacy and numeracy leads, STEAM lead, and research lead.
  • Colleen Fleming, our current head of the Reading Clinic, is going to be moving into admissions to support the growth of our senior school and Blended+ program. Christine McCoy will be moving from her teaching role into the Reading Centre to support the work being done there. Jacqueline Mercer-Livesay, one of our Educational Assistants who works one-on-one with several students across the school, will also be moving into the Reading Clinic.
  • Finally, there are a few shifts within our Learning Team with the addition of Charity Helman and Charlotte Nixon moving into Instructional Design leads in Junior School and Senior School, and Sara Tkachuk moving into our Assessment Lead position

Calgary Academy is an organization that continues to build our capacity across the board for the ultimate benefit of our students. We are all learners, and we are always growing and learning – just like our students!

Thank you, again, for a great year. Enjoy what this summer will bring, and we are looking forward to reconnecting in early September.