May 25, 2023 3 min read

Buttoning up a crisp white lab coat, snapping on a pair of gloves, and slipping on protective glasses is just another day in the life of Calgary Academy science teachers ready to teach the next generation of scientists. Whether it’s glass beakers lined up on the countertops ready to mix solutions, microscopes set up to observe the delicate parts of a cell, or Bunsen burners emitting a glowing flame to create a chemical reaction, there’s never a shortage of how our educators work to bring textbooks concepts to life in any of CA’s three labs.  

Two Calgary Academy students working in a science lab.This summer, with the support of Shaw Birdies for Kids presented by AltaLink, Calgary Academy will modernize and expand the existing Junior Science lab into a hands-on, flexible space that encourages active engagement in the scientific process. This shift from an observation-style traditional laboratory floor plan will allow students to engage deeply in their learning, and better prepare them for our rapidly changing and technology-driven world.  

While science is undoubtedly fascinating on paper, it’s within a dynamic and intricate lab setting that can make all the difference in how students can have fun while applying their knowledge, which according to science teacher and Blended+ program lead Kim Petersen, is “where the real learning comes in.” 

“What I love the most about teaching science is watching the light bulb come on as students take something complex and start to understand how it all connects. The magic starts in the lab and if I could teach every lesson with a hands-on component, I would.” – Ms. Petersen  

Katie Heidt, who has been teaching in CA’s Junior School classrooms for the better part of 10 years, shares similar sentiments about the importance of lab facilities to reinforce concepts. Pointing to how students are “innately curious by nature”, science labs allow teachers to foster creativity and passion in students.  

Albert Einstein said it best: “The important thing is to never stop questioning.” To bring concepts to life in a more modern and enhanced way with upgraded lab facilities is necessary. 

“Our job as educators is to help create global citizens. Developing critical thinkers and problem solvers is part of our job and science labs are one of the best vehicles to teach those attributes.” – Ms. Heidt 

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