Put Tires to the Track and Tour Downtown

April 6, 2020 3 min read

Load up the kids or a couple of friends and get ready to spend a day biking along the bow with no stops, no traffic, just a cruise with several opportunities to take in all that downtown Calgary has to offer.

We suggest you start at Edworthy Park, where parking is readily available, and you can grab a coffee before you go at Angels Café. Head east on the north side of the river, the trail is easy, very little inclines and it is a super smooth ride. If you are feeling hungry along the way a quick detour can be made into Kensington – just hop off at the 10th Street Bridge where you can grab a snack at any of the establishments in Kensington’s thriving core. The Memorial sign is just at the corner of 10th Street and Memorial is a great place to park your bike, take a seat and people watch.

From there you can get back on the path, or even take a break for a selfie at iconic Peace Bridge. Stay on Memorial until you get to Zoo Road where you can cross over at Zoo Road and 12th street. Heading east past Inglewood if you pop off at Centre Street you can take in the best that Chinatown has to offer, where there is lots of opportunities for photos and awesome snacking opportunities! This part of the stretch is smooth sailing, you can enjoy great tree coverage and shade and make a final rest at Harvey Passage – a great place to stop and watch water sports enthusiasts take on the rapids!

Head back the way you came, cruising through Inglewood and the East Village, where we recommend picking up some sandwiches and baked treats at Sidewalk Citizen in the East Village. Do not cross over at 12th, keep on the south side of the river, and feel free to bow out at any point and the avoid the crowds at Prince’s Island Park.

If you keep on this path, you will hit the Douglas Fir trail (do not worry it is marked with signage). This is a great place to stretch your legs and see some impressive trees. It is just a quick ride then back to where you started, but if you are so inclined, as one often is, pack a lunch and reserve a BBQ spot there. This is a great opportunity to celebrate your 24-kilometer ride, enjoy some food and maybe even take a dip in the bow! Depending on stops and detours this could be a 25-kilometer ride, a terrific way to get some exercise and enjoy the start of spring!