Online Bill Payment

March 12, 2020 2 min read

Payments for tuition, family initiation fee and tuition deposits can be made online (via these major Canadian financial institutions: TD, RBC, BMO, ATB, Scotiabank, Credit Union, CIBC, HSBC).

You will need to enter your child’s nine digit Student ID number (example 111222333) as your account number. If submitting payment for multiple children, please set up multiple bill payee accounts and remit each payment separately to ensure your payment is recorded correctly.

Instructions for first-time bill payee setup (these may vary slightly between financial institutions):

  1. Login to online banking and select “Add Payee” under the Bill Payment option.
  2. Search for and select “Calgary Academy” or “Calgary Academy Society” as a bill payee.
  3. Enter your child’s nine digit Alberta Student Number number as your “Account Number”. This can be found on your child’s report card or in SchoolAdmin under “My Students.” If you have an option to add a “Nickname” or “Payee Name” enter your child’s name.
  4. If you have multiple children, please repeat steps 1 to 3 to setup multiple bill payee accounts as payments must be made separately to ensure correct recording of payments.

If you require any additional information or assistance with payment, contact or call 403-686-6444 ext. 321 to speak with a finance team member.