Outdoor Learning Circles

October 7, 2020 2 min read

Some of you may have noticed small clearings in the woods adjacent to the playing fields. A small group of passionate staff have worked to build outdoor spaces that encourage students to be outside more often, are conducive to learning, and, that offer a less prohibitive space to learn and play.

Each circle has been cleared of debris, but will retain its natural character. Simple wooden stools will provide seating. Our Grade 12 students have been divided into teams, and each team is responsible for a circle — clearing, cleaning, making the stools, and maintaining the circle. They are tasked with naming their circle, electing a visual recorder of the process, and electing a team foreman who will liaise with the General Contractor — a staff representative.

There are three circles in the West Woods. The outer two circles have 20 stools each, while the inner has been left for more creative activities. There are also three circles in the East Woods, with the circle closest to the pump track left creative; the next two have 10 stools each, built slightly smaller for younger legs. The stools are cabled together so they can be moved but not removed. These outdoor spaces will serve as a great space for class discussions and more open ended, activity oriented lessons. The Grade 12 students hope students and staff will use and enjoy their creations – and classes already are!