New Program Alert: Blended+

February 16, 2021 3 min read

What if school was designed to fit your family’s life rather than your family’s life fitting school? More than ever, traditional school experiences based on standardized seat time are only one way to approach learning. In 2021, students no longer need to learn at the same time—and at the same rate—and in the same place.

School can be different. Online learning has disrupted traditional in-person education, and it’s evolved to provide increasingly flexible and personalized learning options. While students can now learn anywhere and at any time, this raises some good questions. What’s gained and lost? What about relationships, a sense of belonging, and connections with peers?

With our Grades 9-10 Blended+ program (with future enrolment including Grades 7-12), it’s not an either/or choice. We’ve taken the best parts of in-person learning and combined them with the best parts of online learning. Expert teachers work with students on campus and online to meet individual needs in an engaging way.

The “+” in Blended+ refers to our extensive extra-curricular programs as well as the frequent integration of authentic off campus learning experiences that take advantage of facilities and expertise in our community.

Built into the tuition (no added costs), these frequent and rich off-campus experiences are designed to engage learners while reinforcing curriculum outcomes. For example, the Biogeoscience Institute at the University of Calgary provides students in Biology 20 (our Grade 10 group next year) with classroom instruction combined with guided field studies in the Kananaskis. Additionally, Physical Education moves beyond the gyms to include learning activities off-site such as kayaking, curling, wall climbing, and much more!

An instructional design difference in Blended+ is that learning materials and assignments are released online weekly and due at the end of each week. This provides anywhere/anytime access. Actively guided and supported by their teachers, students make meaningful decisions about their own learning. They can get into the zone by working on a particular subject for an extended time without the day being chopped up by arbitrary bell schedules. Students can accelerate their learning within the week to make time for competing priorities, or they can slow down their learning and get more teacher support in an area of need. Teachers regularly conference with students to guide their development with academics and transferable skills.

Learning is a social activity, and students need social experiences. During the week, teacher-led online lessons provide live, interactive direct instruction. Classes also get together on-campus where students focus on hands-on learning including labs, projects, integrated studies, and physical education. We make the time together in-person count. Hybrid-flex time, which is built into some afternoons, provides students the option of working on campus with peers, at home, or anywhere they have internet access.

The future of learning is flexible. Are you ready to take the next step? Sign up for one of our upcoming admissions presentations or reach out to speak directly with our team about the Blended+ program.