Jane McCaig: A History of Scholarship

November 13, 2023 2 min read

Recognition celebrations at Calgary Academy are a special affair. While each may look different based on a grade’s specific teachers, students, and respective interests, what they all share is a commitment to ensuring every student leaves knowing their accomplishments are worth celebrating.

One longstanding legacy at CA is the Jane McCaig Award. The award’s objective is to encourage students to continue learning, awarded to a student in Grades 9–11. Recognizing an all-around student who has exhibited significant improvement, is enjoying school, and serving as a role model to others, the Jane McCaig Award has been presented without interruption for 28 years.

The award is named after its founder, alumni Jane McCaig (’88), who was a student at Calgary Academy during its first year of operation. Jane established the award at the age of 25, wanting to give back to the school that had helped her succeed.

“I had no idea, no clue that it was going to last for 30 years and become so popular with students.” – Jane

In the nearly 30 years since she established the award, Jane has been back in CA many times. Before having kids, she served on the scholarship panel, eventually stepping back to let CA administer it independently. She then returned as a proud aunt, as her nephew and niece attended the school.

Life came full circle when Jane enrolled her son, Anthony, at Calgary Academy in Grade 7. From that point on, she was re-engaged as an active member of the school community, volunteering on the 40th Anniversary Committees, right up until her son graduated from Calgary Academy in 2022.

I don’t know if I’ve talked with my kids about our legacy,” Jane reflects. “But mine was always going to be Calgary Academy. The school has been such a huge part of my life, and I know there are so many students out there who learn differently, like me.”

Now, as both an alumni and an alumni parent, Jane is getting more involved in the award administration again.

“My daughter is about to turn 25—the age I was when I established the award, and she’s also decided to support a scholarship for young students. Hopefully, one day, my kids will have their own legacies.”

The McCaig family was showcased as part of Calgary Academy’s 40th Anniversary celebrations. To hear more about the story, watch the video below.