Golfing for Good: Supporting Youth and Family Mental Health

February 2, 2023 3 min read

Over 1.2 million Canadian children live with a mental illness. These issues have always been present, but many people worldwide struggle with anxiety and depression caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 50% of teenagers believe their mental health has worsened since the pandemic’s physical distancing measures first began.

The World Health Organization (WHO) believes the pandemic has significantly affected health systems, economies, and societies. The year 2020 can seem like a lifetime ago for some, but its impacts sit fresh in many minds.

Mental health issues are on the rise after years of pandemic-related stress and fatigue. Consistently changing public health measures, online classes, and isolation from their peers was a significant struggle for many students. It’s important to acknowledge not only the struggles of the past three years but the effect mental health-related disorders can have on someone’s daily life.

Mental health struggles are more common than most people think. Approximately 70% of Canadians first experience mental illness-related symptoms in childhood. Despite this prevalence, many children choose to suffer in silence, and many parents don’t know how to better support their children.

This silence can be more than an obstacle—it can be a wall, isolating someone from those who care about them. The stigma against mental health issues keeps many from seeking the help they need.

As we slowly return to normalcy, it’s essential to care for those affected by mental health struggles. Calgary Academy’s partner organization, Headwater Learning Foundation is golfing for good this June—raising awareness, supporting research, and funding mental health programs. Come for a round of golf, and leave knowing you helped to support those who need it.

A Day on the Green

The day kicks off with a round of golf at a prestigious Calgary club. This year, golfers tee off at The Glencoe Golf and Country Club, playing around lush trees, snaking creeks, and still ponds. Besides a beautiful day on the course, there are plenty of prizes to be won in support of youth mental health and wellness.

Once the round is finished (hopefully below par), guests can enjoy a post-play experience at the Glencoe Clubhouse. A gourmet dinner, auction, and prizes await as guests settle in to listen to keynote speaker, NHL legend Kelly Hrudey. Joining him is Calgary Flames Alumni Brent Krahn as emcee.

Golf, dinner, and prizes are sure to draw a crowd, but that isn’t the point of this event. With the help of everyone involved, we can make a difference in mental health awareness and research.

Learn more about Headwater Learning Foundation’s golf tournament by visiting the event page.

Interested in signing up or have some to donate? Reach out to Calgary Academy Events.