GaGa Ball Pit

December 2, 2020 2 min read

In August 2019, a group of people came together under the sun to cut sod, pound dirt, and build a strange, octagon-shaped structure. These volunteers were comprised of alumni and staff, and they were working to build the Class of 2019’s Grad Gift – a GaGa Ball pit.

As a school community, we weren’t yet familiar with the concept of GaGa Ball. Known as a softer form of dodgeball, GaGa Ball is is played by ducking and dodging a soft foam ball aimed below one’s knees. Games are short, face-paced, and an enormous amount of fun.

Lunch time and recess is often filled with cheers and groans all coming from the pit located just off the Multipurpose Room. Head of Physical Education Tracy Sullivan describe it as a welcome, and needed, addition to the school experience:

The GaGa Ball pit has been such a great addition to our school. The Grads of 2019 gave our students a way to be active at recess, and learn how to problem solve together. The GaGa Ball pit gets more use than anything else on the playground because it is so fun! We are so lucky to have it.

In terms of a legacy, this student-given gift to students is a great example of altruism. For the graduating class, their time at Calgary Academy was largely over, but they wanted to leave a gift to benefit the students that would follow after them. The GaGa Ball pit is now a staple of out outdoor time at Calgary Academy, and continues to be used safely even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

This feature is one of a weeklong celebration of altruism at Calgary Academy! Altruism, the heart of our REACH Principles, is a concern for the welfare of others, and the CA community exemplifies this in may ways. Each day this week we will feature an example of our community giving back – either by volunteering their time, leaving a legacy, or making a generous donation. We’re asking all parents to help spread the word by sharing the link with friends and family, making a donation, or by submitting an impact story on the difference CA has made in your family’s life. Learn more at