Do you consider international students?

We consider all students who have status to attend school in Alberta such as a Study Permit, Work Permit, Canadian Citizenship, etc, The student must be a resident of Alberta and be permitted to attend school in Canada. When considering any application, we must adhere to the same admissions process for all of our applicants. Please note that, for international students, additional fees may apply.

What if I need to make changes to my information?

Once you have applied, you can email us at anytime to inform us of any changes to your account, and we will be happy to update them for you.  

How do I access my online portal?

You can access your online application portal by using this link or you can click Apply Now at the top of this page.  

Do I need to apply to Academy or Collegiate?

Once the Admissions Committee has reviewed your application and required documentation, they will determine which program is best suited for your child’s learning needs.  

What if I do not have all the required documents or they do not apply to my child?

Please ensure you make notes on your online application form or email us if there are documents you cannot provide or documents that do not apply to your child.  

Do you have uniforms?

We believe in creating an inclusive environment whereby students are celebrated for their individuality. We’ve asked our students and their families if they would like to introduce uniforms to our school, and there is an overwhelming desire to maintain our current dress code policy, which is detailed in our School Handbook.  

Do you accept students mid-year?

We do consider mid-year placement should the information in the application indicate that your child’s needs would be a match for our already existing groupings, and considering space is available in that grade. With any applications submitted mid-year, we must adhere to the same admissions process as we do with all other applicants.  

What are the most important pieces in my application?

It is important to submit your child’s progress reports, Individual Program Plans (if applicable), speech/occupational therapy reports (if applicable), and a current psychoeducational assessment (required for Academy students and potentially for some Collegiate students). Upon reviewing these documents, if we feel we need to gather further information, we may need to have a conversation with your child’s school or professionals who have worked with your child. These documents give us an accurate representation of your child’s strengths and helps us understand their individual needs. This will allow us to determine appropriate program placement to best meet their unique needs.  

What does CA do prior to enrolment to determine if we are a good fit?

We review as much information as we can to get a holistic picture of your child’s current capacity, and to determine if CA is potentially the right school for your child. Our ultimate goal is to empower students to unleash their potential and surpass their expectations, and that is why every application is uniquely assessed based on each applicant’s individual needs.  

When do you make the decision on enrolment?

Once you have submitted an application online that includes all the required documentation and the admissions deposit, we will review your file, which may take up to month to complete. A decision to move forward to the next phase of the application process may include a student-needs assessment. Following the assessment, the Admissions Committee will complete a final file review. The Admissions Committee will take all of your child's learning needs into consideration and decide on an appropriate program placement to best meet their unique needs. Depending on the complexity of the file and the time of year, processing times may vary. We recommend you apply early and ensure your application is complete to prevent any delays in processing.