School Handbook

The School Handbook is your one-stop-resource for how our school operates and what you can expect from us. It shares guidelines, expectations, and contact information for key individuals. Below you will find some handbook highlights.

Attendance and Punctuality

Students are expected to attend school on time every day, and their responsibility to do so is shared with the parent or guardian.

When a child is going to be absent, parents or guardians are encouraged to contact the school on the day of the absence by either contacting or calling 403-686-6444 and choosing the school absence line.

Dress Code

The student dress code supports our goal of inspiring students to learn while leaving primary decisions around student clothing and style to students and their parents and guardians. Parents and guardians are responsible for ensuring student compliance with the school’s dress code, and students are responsible for knowing the student dress code and for complying during school hours and school activities.


Meaningful homework exercises can be a great way to reinforce the learning a student experiences during the day and to build basic skills to drive accelerated learning. Calgary Academy teachers will not assign work for completion at home unless the student has satisfactorily demonstrated that they are capable of successfully completing the assignment on their own.

PowerSchool and Reporting

PowerSchool is system we use to track our students; progress and communicate with parents.

Parents, students and staff all have unique logins and further information on this system will be emailed home to you in the first weeks of school. While we do our best to keep current with marking and inputting information, families should not expect assignments and tests to be online and updated within short periods of time.

Acceptable Use of Technology

Calgary Academy is committed to helping our students thrive in the 21st century. Digital citizenship, with an emphasis on both safe use and ethical behavior, is a key component of helping students use the digital technologies available to their best advantage and to reach their full potential as students and beyond. Students at CA agree to the Acceptable Use Agreement included in Appendix B of this document.

Cell Phone Usage

We value students’ learning time and we require students focus on their learning during school hours. If it is necessary for a student to have a cell phone at school, we ask that it remains in the student’s backpack or other secure location. Students can use their cell phones if it supports their learning during approved school projects and/or activities.

Fit to Learn

Being an engaged student at Calgary Academy means being ready and fit to learn during the school day. Fit to learn means that and individual is not under the influence of any legal or illegal drug, alcohol, medical or other impairing substance or condition that will disrupt the learning experience or compromise the safety of the individual or others.

Home-School Communication

Ongoing communication between home and school enriches and supports student learning. We have an “open door” approach and we encourage you to contact us at any time.