Faith Day: Finding Your Purpose

June 3, 2024 4 min read

With just a month left until she hosts a conference at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, Faith Day (’20) is a lesson in the power of determination and passion. Besides the busyness of event planning, she’s on the verge of completing her degree at the University of Calgary and has her sights set on attending medical school in 2025.

Though she’s four years removed from graduation, Faith remembers the impact Calgary Academy had on her—a time when she evolved as a learner and discovered her passion for medicine.

Finding Her Missing Piece

Faith attended Calgary Academy from Grades 9–12, graduating in 2020. She describes her high school experience as a journey, remembering the work she put into her studies and the support she received to help her thrive.

Faith hadn’t found the right fit at her previous school, and when she joined the CA community in Grade 9—her teachers immediately had her back, finding the best ways to help her learn. As she continued through Grade 10 and beyond, Faith felt her confidence steadily rise, which she credits as one of the reasons she’s where she is today.

“The support I had helped me gain the confidence and belief in myself to go down the path I have. I don’t think I would have been able to had I not received those tools and support.”

Despite math and science being challenging subjects, Faith was always interested in them. A curious mind, she always wanted to know the “why” behind how something worked. If there’s a question, Faith wants to help find the answer.

At 15, Faith was diagnosed with Turner Syndrome, which is present from birth and can cause many complications as someone grows, including in academics.

After being referred to a specialist, Faith received the answers she was looking for. The doctor instantly recognized her condition and gave Faith the support she needed. Faith wanted to provide that feeling of wholeness for others, inspiring her to pursue medicine as a career.

“She gave me the missing piece and clarity I’d been missing my entire life. That’s when I realized I wanted to do that for others… Based on that, I decided I wanted to pursue medicine.”  – Faith

Making an Impact Now and in the Future

Faith is in the fourth year of a Bachelor of Science in Biological Science at the University of Calgary. She’s an Undergraduate Student Researcher at the Libin Cardiovascular Institute, and when she graduates, she hopes to be on her way to medical school in 2025.

While becoming a practicing physician is a few years away, Faith looks forward to supporting and impacting people’s lives. She understands the importance of health in someone’s life and how crucial the patient-doctor relationship is.

“Patients will walk in and look to you to be a part of some of the most important moments of their lives. I think having the opportunity to interact with people in that way is amazing.” – Faith

Her ultimate goal is to become a doctor, but Faith is still keen to help her community—she is hosting an event, Info for Butterflies—a Turner Syndrome Conference, on July 12 at the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

The conference speakers will help provide reliable and proper information to other girls with Turners and their families. Faith, with help from her mentors, hopes to give participants what they need to stand up for their health.

“I want to provide proper information and ensure that girls have proper information so they can advocate for themselves when they turn 18 and move into the adult world because you really have to advocate for yourself and your care.”

Faith’s future is bright as she moves closer to her goal of medical school. In the meantime, she’s excited about hosting her conference. Attending the Info for Butterflies Conference is free, and tickets are available on Eventbrite.