Exemplary Practice and Student Showcase

March 14, 2022 4 min read

Twice a year the Board of Directors recognizes staff and students for exemplary work, leadership, or contributions to the school community. In February, the Board was honoured to present Grade 10 student Sascha and Comptroller Yvette Schuler with this special honour!

We are excited to announce Yvette Schuler as the recipient of the Exemplary Practice award for her diligent work in the finance department and commitment to the school community. Grade 10 Student Sascha E. was honoured as the recipient of the Student Showcase award for her accomplishments outside of school in snowboarding and her leadership in the Blended + program.

Exemplary Practice: Yvette Schuler 

The recipient of the Board’s Exemplary Practice Award for February 2022 is Comptroller, Ms. Yvette Schuler. Yvette is described by her colleagues as someone who is cheerful, dedicated, and passionate. She is fun to be around ,and always goes above and beyond what is asked for.

Yvette joined HLG in 2018, bringing her skills and capabilities from her previous role at the Calgary Airport Authority. She joined the Finance team during a time of big changes for the organization, and quickly established herself as a great mentor and leader to her team, and to others. She has helped raise the efficiency, sophistication, and diligence to the finance function.

From producing clean financial audits for the last four years, to improving quarterly reporting and creating easy-to-read financial dashboards, Yvette has worked closely with the board to fulfill governance requirements. She has also led her team in implementing new technologies designed to streamline processes and improve the parent and staff experiences with tools like Rycor, LunchTime, Showpass, Shopify, and the SchoolAdmin Billing Module. She makes this work appear effortless, when those who know the nature of finance know it is anything but!

Beyond her technical expertise, Yvette exemplifies the REACH principles, giving her time freely without expecting anything in return. She is always available to support projects in a behind-the-scenes capacity such as the CA Store, International Travel Studies, drama productions, FestivARTS, reviewing the Annual Education Results report, supporting the Castle Café, and many other initiatives. She also is the first to volunteer to support events in person. From helping with registration at the 40th Anniversary Golf Tournament, to hauling equipment and water for pre-COVID events like Fall Welcome and New Student Orientation, Yvette is always there to lend her help in any way that she can.

Yvette is a natural leader, coach, and mentor who sees what is possible, challenges assumption, and then can chart the steps to make the possible a reality.

Congratulations, Yvette!

Student Showcase: Sascha E. 

The recipient of the Board’s Student Showcase Award for February 2022 is Grade 10 student, Sascha E..

In addition to being a diligent student, Sascha has achieved significant accomplishments outside of school on the national stage as a competitive snowboarder. In February 2022, she competed in the Air Nation Freestyle Nationals at WinSport and earned a gold medal in Senior Nationals and a bronze medal in Junior Nationals.

She is sponsored by several companies, including UNLTD Skate and Snow (pronounced “unlimited”), a Canadian ski and snowboard company, and Roxy, a snowboard and fitness lifestyle clothing company.

Over the last five years, Sascha has trained regularly for 14 hours each week, in addition to maintaining her grades at school. Sascha has been an Academy student at Calgary Academy since Grade 7 in 2018. Now in the Blended+ program, she’s shown her commitment to school and snowboarding by attending lessons virtually while training in Colorado orattending competitions in California.

Sascha’s teachers describe her as friendly, caring, and eager to get involved in group activities. She is so welcoming to any new students that join the school community, and is a positive representative of Calgary Academy whenever we are participating in activities at facilities outside of the school.

Sascha is a dedicated, driven student who is achieving her goals on the slopes without sacrificing her education. Later this year, she will be competing in three more competitions including the World Junior Championships in Switzerland, the 2022 PIPE FEST at WinSport, and the NorAM Freestyle Stoneham in Quebec. Calgary Academy wishes her all the best!

Congratulations, Sascha!