Drama? Dram-Yeah!

June 15, 2021 2 min read

2021-2022 saw big changes in the Drama department at CA.

The students were back in business with live productions to almost-full crowds. Smiling theatre goers and rounds of applause made for a world of difference to the kids in these programs. Back is the sense of community through participation, and a tangible reward for all the hard work these young thespians have put in.

This season also saw the introduction to the CA Forever Ticket. A constant reminder of gratitude for theater alumni and community supporters who have helped to create and maintain the creativity incubator that is our drama room.

The forever ticket entitles the holder to free tickets to any CA production in perpetuity and is given to those who have given a piece of themselves to the program. Recipients this year received their token at a special ceremony at the spring production of “All Shook Up.” Each recipient boasted what a proud moment it was and that they are thrilled to be reminded of their constant influence and inspiration!

What does 2022-2023 have in store for drama? Well, as of this moment ideas and imagination of “what can be” are running wild! There is talk of a Charlotte Nixon commissioned murder-mystery piece for the Jr. crew and another (possibly 80s inspired) musical for the Senior School production. Whatever drama produces it is sure to impress. Stay tuned and be ready to be entertained with our new season next year!