Dig Pink 2021

October 22, 2021 3 min read

For the last 13 years the volleyball tournament Dig Pink has continued to bring positivity and school spirit to CA in October. This year, 20 volleyball teams took part in this fun event focused on raising funds for the Alberta Cancer Foundation. It was an intense weekend of volleyball, and ultimately the Rundle College team beat out Bearspaw Christian in the finals to win bragging rights for the 2021 school year.

knights volleyball player

The Calgary Academy team finished strong in the quarter finals, and the Calgary Academy school came together to celebrate another amazing year of school spirit, breast cancer awareness, and honouring those who have and will fight breast cancer.



“Dig Pink is important for a lot of reasons, the biggest one for me is that we started this tournament to raise awareness for breast cancer and since then a number of staff members, who I’m privileged to call friends and colleagues, have gone through breast cancer. A couple of years ago we lost a staff member to breast cancer. I think it is important to honour the fight that people who suffer through breast cancer have and to raise awareness and money towards new treatments and new therapies,” said Mark Schuegraf, Jr. School Teacher.

people cheering Most importantly, COVID-19 did not stop this tournament from taking place this year as precautions like proof of vaccination and negative testing were in place. Although there were no fans watching the tournament in the gym, the spirit stayed alive with parents, staff and students watching on a livestream.
Schools look forward to participating in this tournament every year and come decked out in creative pink jerseys and even raise funds for the Alberta Cancer Foundation at their own schools. Dig Pink is bigger than a volleyball tournament, it brings everyone together because breast cancer is so widespread. Sadly, everyone has either been affected or knows someone who has been affected.

“Ten years ago, my girlfriend at the time, now wife, got diagnosed with breast cancer at a very young age. She went through surgery to remove the lump, a bilateral mastectomy, reconstruction, and chemotherapy. It was very tough, but we now have a family of five and we are really happy. This tournament is one small thing that I take part in to celebrate people like Megan, my wife, who beat the terrible disease, while we also remember those who weren’t so fortunate,” said Nick Waterbury, Head of Athletics.

nick waterbury with microphone

Here is a breakdown of some of the events and activities that took place throughout the week:
> CRAVE cupcake and pink athletic drink sales, all proceeds went to support the Alberta Cancer Foundation.
> Gimmics Custom Clothing was at the school making custom Dig Pink clothing for everyone.
> Virtual pep rally

Thank you to the Dig Pink Organizing Committee, all of the teams and players who joined us this year, and the many parents, students and staff volunteers who helped make this event happen.

Watch the live stream now