Creating a Legacy

February 23, 2022 2 min read

The six-week 40th Anniversary Artist in Residence initiative started at CA on February 15, when students worked with local artist Carl White, brainstorming artistic concepts based on the theme of “legacy.” It was a fun two days that has laid the groundwork for Carl to create a 40th anniversary mural that will be unveiled to the community later this spring.

During each grade’s individual session, Carl took time to explore what a mural is, the meaning of legacy, and the steps included in the design process. After his brief presentation, students sketched what legacy meant to them. Carl emphasized that there was no wrong answer to the question of legacy, and stressed the importance of using their time together to express their true selves.

Throughout the project, students will learn about creative thinking, mathematics, science, and social integration. Every academic subject, along with the skills that we acquire through school, all get applied to the design process,” said Carl.

carl white looking at students artwork

Students were excited to be creative, explore their passions, and reflect on what is important to them. Once the sketching process was complete, students could take their pieces back to their classrooms for ongoing reflection and addition.

Carl White is a Calgary-based artist who studied at the Alberta College of Art & Design from 1989-1992. His art has been recognized on a local, national, and international scale in group and solo exhibitions.

I love the opportunity to work with kids because it’s planting seeds and even if one of them in that class sees something and gets a deeper awareness of art, it’s worth the whole project. It is about opening people’s worlds to what’s possible,” said Carl. 

The Artist in Residence project will run until Spring Break, when Carl will then turn the student inspiration and ideas into a mural. An anniversary mural is the perfect way to commemorate 40 years of Calgary Academy and celebrate our history. The mural will be a permanent piece of the school, housed in a central location where people gather. The theme of legacy reflects on where CA began, how far the school has come, and where the future may take this amazing community. For years to come, students will look at the mural and know that they played a part in creating it.