Congratulations to Our Exemplary Practice & Student Showcase Recipients

February 27, 2023 3 min read

It’s that time of year again—award recognition for our outstanding staff and students. The Exemplary Practice and Student Showcase awards happen twice a year in February and June, shining a light on exceptional members of the Calgary Academy community.

These awards recognize the contributions of staff and students that demonstrate excellence, leadership, and innovation, ultimately supporting HLG in achieving its mission and advancing overall effectiveness.

This year’s February awards feature three winners, two teachers and one student:

  • Ms. Erica Bayley
  • Mr. Jason Valleau
  • Kiera R., Grade 7

Erica Bayley

The first recipient of the Board’s Exemplary Practice Award for February 2023 is Ms. Erica Bayley. Her colleagues describe her as passionate, kind-hearted, talented, and innovative.

Ms. Bayley joined the CA teaching community in January 2020. She graduated from the University of Calgary’s education program in 2019 and also earned a bachelor’s degree in general mathematics. Upon joining the CA community, Ms. Bayley quickly established herself as a math teacher willing to try new approaches in her instructional design and assessment.

Ms. Bayley has radically revised how a typical teacher approaches Senior School math. She has moved away from direct instruction and seatwork practice to an engaging and more active learning structure.

Her work in having students tackle problems collaboratively before being given the answer allows her students to think critically about numeracy. She has moved her students from passive to active learning.

Jason Valleau

The Board’s second Exemplary Practice Award for February 2023 is for Mr. Jason Valleau. His colleagues describe him as passionate, dedicated, fearless, and innovative. Mr. Valleau joined the CA community in April 2022, filling a maternity leave vacancy in our music program. He graduated from the University of Calgary’s education program with distinction in June 2022.

Mr. Valleau has a Bachelor of Music (also with distinction) from the University of Calgary. He has travelled the world, is a multi-instrumentalist, is a professional musician, and has experience in music event organization—just to name a few!

Mr. Valleau has been a key player in CA’s community. He is a role model of commitment to reconciliation, facilitating the drumming and dancing performances during Truth and Reconciliation Day celebrations, and creating opportunities for students to collaborate.

At the beginning of the year, he created a radio station for Senior School students to run, providing them with an audience and a new way to interact with music.

Kiera R.

The Board’s Student Showcase Award for February 2023 is for Grade 7 Collegiate student Kiera R.

Kiera has attended Calgary Academy since Grade 5. She is a dedicated, hard-working student who always puts her best effort into any task, big or small. Kiera loves learning and trying to improve in all areas. She takes feedback well and applies it to her assignments.

Kiera has had large roles in the two previous junior school productions, Detective Devaroe and the Disappearing Diamonds and Bippity Boppity BAAM, which shows her level of commitment not only to her studies but also to her extra-curricular activities. Kiera is also a student ambassador who has been excited about the opportunity to tour prospective students around the school.

Congratulations to these deserving individuals on their achievements and future success at Calgary Academy!