Bibbity Bobbity BAAM! Brings the Magic Back to the CA Stage

December 15, 2021 3 min read

Dec. 6-10 marked the first drama production that has hit the CA stage for spectators in nearly two years. Bibbity Bobbity BAAM! was written seven years ago by CA humanities teacher, Charlotte Nixon, and it came to life in front of eager parents, staff, and our greater CA community, becoming a true fairytale, much like the plot!

“Bibbity Bobbity BAAM! came out of this idea that young people have many skills, gifts, and talents, but when they’re not recognized in the traditional ways that are common in schools, they can get down on themselves. I wanted them to have a character like Petal to see themselves in or look up to as somebody going through the same struggles and overcoming them.” – Charlotte Nixon

Students acting in integrated studies play, Bibbity Bobbity BAAM!Grades 5-8 students began auditioning for Bibbity Bobbity BAAM! in September and the final cast members rehearsed three times a week leading up to the show. The design of the show-stopping set was a collaborative effort by Grades 6, 8, 9, and 10 students, including lighting, projection and sound designers, backstage managers, and spot operators. CA Integrated Studies teacher and Theatre Director, Leeanne McLim, helped bring the play to life, along with many staff who worked tirelessly to ensure the first play back on stage in front of an audience went off without a hitch.

“I think that our students relate to these characters in such a meaningful and authentic way that can’t be replicated other than having lived it. One of my favourite scenes is when Madam Merlin is talking to Petal and says, ‘there are things about you, Petal, that are valuable and worthwhile but they’re not on a test.’” – Charlotte Nixon

integrated studies students taking a bow after Bibbity Bobbity BAAM!When the pandemic halted production on theatre plays in early 2020, students were unable to showcase their passions for an audience. Calling Bibbity Bobbity BAAM! one of the most “incredible experiences of my theatre career,” both Charlotte and Leeanne have seen how supportive each student is with each other and the love for the stage and performance is finally back at CA. It’s not only the students that have shown their support, but parents as well.

“We have an amazing community, which I knew because I get to teach our students and interact with their parents every day, but it wasn’t until this show the I got to see it in action. Not only did the parents show up, but they are so supportive of all the students. For example, a parent showing up with not with just flowers for their own child, but they brought flowers for every student in the show.” – Charlotte Nixon

Calgary Academy teacher and playwrite, Charlotte NixonCharlotte Nixon is an accomplished theatre playwright outside of CA as well, and has published works for Stage West Kids, Calgary Young People’s Theatre, Goodger-Pink Family Theatre in Okotoks, and also won first place at an international playwriting competition in Arizona for Bibbity Bobbity BAAM!

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