Alumni Spotlight: Adam Bourns  

December 15, 2022 3 min read

The Calgary Academy Ski and Snowboard Club (CASSC) has been one of the most beloved programs to emerge from our school. CASSC has opened its doors even wider this year, with the launch of Junior CASSC, allowing more students to participate in this amazing program.  

Every year, students jump at the chance to learn from engaging instructors and spend 12 glorious school days hitting the slopes. This club creates an empowering environment for students—one where they can utilize the confidence they gain on the hill in the classroom. 

Empowerment certainly describes Adam Bourns (‘11). Adam struggled as a student, faced with the obstacle of severe dyslexia. He had difficulty finding a place where he fit in at school and constantly worried about his future.  

This anxiety faded when he met CA Integrated Studies teacher, Lanny Donde, and began repairing bikes at the school. Adam believes he grew into himself in this environment—Mr. Donde stuck with and encouraged him over the years. He gained confidence and found a home in CASSC—in fact, Adam was a part of the very first CASSC program.  

Mr. Donde first created CASSC after working with Adam, realizing skiing and snowboarding could provide students with an avenue to be proud of themselves at school separate from their academic achievements. The frequent outings to the slopes taught Adam lessons he couldn’t have learned in the classroom. The freedom and skills he gained through skiing taught him how to refashion his learning process. Like on the ski hill, he found other ways to overcome learning obstacles. 

Adam often remembers the significance of his time at CA. Besides helping him grow as a person and develop his love of skiing, CA helped him understand there’s a solution to any challenge you face. You just have to look for it. 

Currently, Adam is the program director at Evolve Ski Cross team. He travels the globe, training world-class athletes from all backgrounds. CA has taught Adam to never overlook potential—anyone can develop their skills, no matter how big a challenge may look. In the future, he plans to work with Nakiska Ski Area to bring new camps and lessons to the next generation of champion skiers.  

Adam’s love of skiing is carrying over to the holiday season. He plans on spending time with family in Sicamous, getting as much ski time as possible at Revelstoke with his wife, parents, aunts, and uncles.  

His New Year’s resolution is to continue encouraging others to take leaps in their sports—he wants to inspire as many athletes as possible! 

If you’re interested in the programs offered by Evolve, visit their website

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