A Trio of Banners: Calgary Academy’s Latest Volleyball Season

December 2, 2022 3 min read


That’s the word Calgary Academy Head of Athletics Nick Waterbury uses to describe the 2022 volleyball season. For a season filled with unique challenges, it ended as sweet as possible—three more banners hanging on the CA walls.

The Grade 8-9 boys, Grade 8-9 girls, and Senior girls’ volleyball teams won their divisions. They overcame the odds as no teams entered the playoffs as the top-seeded school, showing the tangible results of their incredible seasons.

“The smiles on their faces were amazing. They were so pumped to see their hard work come to fruition.”  – Mr. Waterbury, Head of Athletics

The Grade 8-9 boys started their season with their backs against the wall, sporting a 0-2 record. However, they picked up momentum as the season went on, winning their final set 15-3 to win the league!

The Grade 8-9 girls finished their league tournament, winning against a previously undefeated Master’s Academy 15-13 in the final set. With a league championship banner hanging on the gym wall, their determination showed throughout the season.

Finally, the Senior girls went through a tough, hard-fought season that left them with gold hanging around their necks. They won their final set 15-8 to become league champs!

While three volleyball teams won the school’s first banners since 2020, every team and player deserves their own spotlight for a successful season. Seven teams further developed their skills and learned the value of teamwork. Mr. Waterbury believes all of CA’s volleyball teams came together as cohesive units.

“It’s like the volleyball teams walked into the gym with a different mindset this year. ‘It’s not about me, it’s about everybody’. They realized that when they’re working together as a team, they can accomplish so much.”  – Mr. Waterbury, Head of Athletics

 A Return to Normalcy for Knights Athletics 

There’s more to celebrate than banners at CA this year. Athletics returned to normal following two years of COVID-19 health measures.

The stands are full again with cheering fans, giving CA Knights the support that fuels their play. Mr. Waterbury sees this energy shift in his student-athletes, saying it makes them feel on top of the world.

“The change from COVID-19 is astronomical between the last two years and this year. It feels like there’s more support than ever before in coming out to celebrate our student-athletes. There was a feeling of pride throughout the school.”  – Mr. Waterbury, Head of Athletics

It’s clear the CA sports experience isn’t the same without the support of its fans. While volleyball has wrapped up for the year, there’s plenty to be excited for. Basketball season is starting soon, and Mr. Waterbury looks forward to seeing momentum continue into the new year, with fans continuing to come out to cheer on our teams, and hopefully, some more banners to add to the wall.

“I’m excited about seeing the pride on the parents’ faces as their kids play.” – Mr. Waterbury, Head of Athletics