A New World, A New Way To Learn

March 19, 2021 2 min read

Significant, disruptive events are often accelerators of change. As students around the world moved to virtual learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers and students alike quickly had to learn new tools, techniques, and systems for learning. We’ve also collectively learned that traditional school programs are only one of many valid approaches to education. Increased exposure to online learning has highlighted its benefits, including increased flexibility and personalization. At the same time, fully virtual experiences are not for everyone. They can sometimes result in students feeling underserved or disconnected. Some types of learning and opportunities for interpersonal connections are simply better in person.

There must be a new way to learn, right?

Most school programs today reflect a daily experience not too different from how parents and grandparents of current students might recall their time in school. Education has been slow to change. While technology has reshaped our human experiences and disrupted industries, school programs have remained relatively static. In most cases, technology has simply been applied to digitize traditional ways of learning, which isn’t always the solution.

This leads us to Blended+

Blended+ at Calgary Academy is a new program that combines the best parts of online, on-campus and off-site learning. It provides high levels of academic support and increased flexibility while also nurturing face-to-face connections and shared hands-on learning experiences. Blended+ looks to the future of education by integrating off-site learning experiences as a class to engage with programs, networks, experts, and facilities in our community. With a focus on transferable skills, the Blended+ program is designed to help students become self-directed learners empowered to embrace life after graduation.

Students will still be part of the CA community

Our students have unique strengths, needs and interests. With Blended+, they have increased choice and voice while maintaining the benefits of being part of a larger school community. Students can still participate in Calgary Academy’s numerous sports teams, take part in drama productions, and attend school events such as International Travel Studies. Blended+ is a new option that Calgary Academy students can take for a unique, flexible, and connected school experience.

Does Blended+ sound like something for your child and family?

We are enrolling students for Fall 2024-25 for Grades 9-12.