2012 Grads Celebrate 10 Years!

October 15, 2022 3 min read

It was a ten-year glow-up with the Class of 2012!

On September 17, our class of 2012 reunited at CRAFT to celebrate 10 years of growth since graduating from CA. Twenty-five of our esteemed alum shared stories of the past, reminisced about the good times within the CA walls, and even got to toast some familiar faces from the faculty. All grown up now, these individuals have accomplished so much. The room was a collection of teachers, entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, and everything in between. Though their paths differed greatly, they all shared one thing: the spirit of REACH vibrated off them. There was such care for their peers and pride in their accomplishments, and it was clear to see that the lessons and character-building that they learned from their time at CA stayed with them no matter what path they took in life.

One of the students celebrating the 10-year reunion was Sean Fetaz.
Graduating in 2012 Sean went on to study Theatre at MRU. He has a passion for art and expression, and a natural ability to communicate that to others.

Through his study of theatre, Sean discovered a love for photography. To him, this was just a different way of storytelling. He took to the craft quite naturally and has been working as an independent photographer since around 2016. While he prefers portraiture his work also includes studio sessions, travel and commercial pictures – one of his notable clients is the Banff Springs Hotel.

You can see Sean’s work, and how far he has grown in the past 10 years here:


Another friendly face we encountered was Keith Aubrey.
CA Alumni and Class of 2012 Keith was keen to catch up with his peers, he has been working on a lot since leaving the Calgary Academy walls.

Post-high school Keith went on to further his flair for all things scientific by obtaining a Master of Science through Quest University and the University of Lethbridge, with a focus on Biochemistry.

This educational path was quite clear for Keith, as he had a love for laboratories and biology and wanted to translate that into a profession. This brought him to where he is now. Keith currently works as a genetic engineer for FREDsense in Calgary. There, he works with a team that produces genetically modified bacteria that help to detect arsenic in water. Keith hopes to continue his work as a biochemical engineer well into his very bright future, hoping one day to work on a bacteria that has the potential to create bioplastics.

CA is so proud of everything Keith has accomplished in the 10 years since graduating!