Transportation Tips

Cold Weather Warning

With significantly colder temperatures upon us, please review the following list for reminders on how to keep your children safe and warm as they wait for and travel on their busses to school each day. This information is adapted from materials provided by First Student.

Pay Attention to Weather Alerts and School Messages. As hectic as mornings can be, parents should be aware of weather alerts and school cancellations or delays. Bad weather also can lead to early dismissals or a change in bus routes. Make sure to check your email, the CA website, or local media when inclement weather is expected.

Bundle Up. Students need to keep warm at the bus stop, but they also must still be able to see and hear what’s going on around them. When bundling up your child in the morning, make sure he or she still has an adequate line of sight and can hear traffic and other noises. Layers are strongly recommended for extra protection against the cold, and for being able to remove as needed when they warm up on the bus.

Get a Grip. Please ensure your students wear footwear appropriate for conditions. Avoid footwear with slick (no-tread) soles when walking on wet surfaces, snow or ice. An extra pair of warm socks packed into their backpack is always a great idea.

Don’t Rush to Catch the Bus. When roads and walkways are slippery, rushing to catch the bus or driving faster to make it to your destination can have disastrous results. Children need extra time to get to the bus stop in cold, windy or snowy conditions. Encouraging them to leave a few minutes early and take their time can reduce the number of falls on slick pavement.

Put Down the Phone. As highlighted by the “Pokémon Go” craze, not looking where you are walking can have disastrous results. When walking on snow or ice covered surfaces, watch where you are walking, take shorter, more deliberate steps or do the “penguin shuffle.”

Just a Little Patience. School bus drivers are very well trained on driving in inclement weather; however, snow and icy roads can slow down even the most experienced driver. Safety is each driver’s top priority and extra time may be needed to get from stop to stop.

The Last Step. The seemingly simple task of getting on and off the bus can be taken for granted. Always use the handrails!