Liz Thompson has been with Calgary Academy since August 2012, and began her career as a Junior School Mathematics and Science teacher. Throughout her career at the school, she has had the pleasure of engaging with many learners as a member of the Grade 7-8 teams, and as a member of the Learning Team as the Numeracy Lead. As the Junior School Assistant Principal, Liz is excited to get to know and work with our students and families, support the Junior School teachers and work within the school to foster a safe, caring, and inclusive learning community.

Sheryl Walters joined Calgary Academy in August 2011 as a Junior School Mathematics and Science Teacher. She spent several years teaching in Junior School before joining the Learning Team as an Instructional Designer and Coach. As the Senior School Assistant Principal, Sheryl is dedicated to co-leading the educational community at Calgary Academy, supporting the talented staff, and fostering a welcoming and inclusive learning environment for students.

Cameron MacDonald joined Calgary Academy in January 2012 after spending time teaching in Australia. He taught physics, science, and math courses to Grades 10-12 while acting as Pod Lead and the head of the science department for several years.

As Assistant Principal of Teacher Growth, Cameron works in close collaboration with staff on their professional growth plans and helps ensure a rich standard of instruction at Calgary Academy. He is passionate about teachers learning from each other and seeing students thrive.

Paula has been with Calgary Academy for almost 10 years. First, she worked as an elementary teacher in grades 2 to 6, before undertaking a leadership role as a Pod Leader for grades 2 through 5. She served on a leadership committee overseeing benchmark assessment and student tracking, and was Assistant Principal of the Junior School for many years.. In her newest role as Assistant Principal, Teacher Growth Paula will work closely with teachers on developing their instructional capacity.

Erin Ellis first joined Calgary Academy in the Physical Education department and later taught in both the Academy and Collegiate programs. She has served as the Junior High Assistant Principal and is now the Director of Learning.  Erin works collaboratively with the Calgary Academy community to foster an exceptional school experience for all students.

Dr. Bass has been an Alberta educator for almost 30 years.  He has served the education community as a teacher, principal, superintendent and as an Alberta Deputy Minister of Education. Most recently, he has worked as a consultant assisting organizations in achieving their educational goals. Working alongside a team of talented and dedicated professionals, Dr. Bass will focus on achieving Calgary Academy’s mission to help our students realize their full academic and social potential, achieve independence as learners and experience success, and preparing them for their future – not our past, while changing the lives of both students and their families.

An educator for more than 20 years, Tim passionately believes in putting his students’ needs first. As Principal, he leads the school’s daily operations, develops staff, and works to ensure the successful implementation of the Strategic Plan. A long-serving CA staff member, Tim has worked at every leadership level in the school and enjoys connecting with students and families to support the learning of all. Tim earned his Masters in Curriculum, teaching, and learning from the University of Calgary.