Sean Fetaz

Since I have graduated Calgary Academy, I have been working as a professional actor and a commercial/fashion photographer across the country. Calgary Academy has given me tools that I still use to this day as an alumnus, so I am beyond thrilled to be giving back to the students!

Elizabeth Pompu (Bassie)

I am now a teacher and a student. I realize CA shaped who I am and the possibilities of what I could become.  As an Alumna, it is important to volunteer to strengthen this message and reinforce it in the minds of Calgary Academy students.

Laura Lipsett

I was excited when asked to sit on the Advisory Board as I am passionate about the work CA has done to help students find success within themselves and build confidence that lasts a lifetime.  As a volunteer for CA, I will be able to contribute to the positive impact on our students and help empower them to create the type of society I would want my child to grow up in.

Andrew McMurray

As an active volunteer for Calgary Academy, I want to give back to the school that I value so much and stay connected with such a vibrant community. This is important as I can provide insight to what life is like when you leave CA and I am able to motivate currents student to dream big.

Nick Petryk

As an entrepreneur, public speaker, and professional “teenage butt-kicker,” I owe Calgary Academy for changing my life and providing me with the skills to do what I love.  It is more than honour to be able to give back through volunteering at Calgary Academy through this committee and other opportunities provided to me as an alum.

Tanis Trott

I own my own business called “Clippers n Suds”.  I have a huge amount of respect for CA and it’s teachers as I would not have graduated high school if it weren’t for CA. CA grads have a story to tell that is unique.  I want to give back to the community that I will be forever grateful to. I know I can make a difference.