LunchTime Account Set Up Instructions

All students who wish to access any of the Castle Café services must have a LunchTime account.

Create an Account

  1. Click here to Create an Account.
  2. Fill in all required fields and press Create Account.
  3. Once your account has been created, press Login Page.
  4. Sign In with your account email and password from Step 2.
    Important: Single Sign On (SSO) is used to access the LunchTime Portal through PowerSchool. In order for SSO to work, your LunchTime login must match your PowerSchool login.

Add Student(s)

  1. Press Add Student.
  2. Enter T3H 0R3 (Calgary Academy’s postal code) into the Zip Code field. Important: The field is not case sensitive, however, you must include the space.

  3. Click Select to the left of Calgary Academy.
  4. Fill in all fields to add a student. Your child’s nine-digit Student ID can be found on the Grades and Attendance page in PowerSchool.
  5. Press Continue.
  6. Click Add Student to the left of the Student Name. The student is now associated with your account. Additional students may be added by repeating steps 1-5.


If you have any questions regarding creating a LunchTime account, please email