Learning Approaches

The learning model has three instructional approaches to meet Alberta Education curriculum outcomes and competencies: direct instruction, integrative learning, and flex learning. Balancing these approaches is how we deliver engaging, innovative, student-focused experiences that develop essential knowledge, skills, and habits of mind.

Direct Learning

Direct learning is a teacher-led approach. As full classes or in small groups, teachers share curriculum knowledge and processes, explain or model what students should do, and provide guided and independent practice.

Flex Learning

Flex learning is a way to achieve curriculum outcomes with increased personalization. Students are encouraged to take initiative through increased choice and voice in how they learn, while also developing self-directed learning skills. Supports are provided, and technology is often leveraged to facilitate anytime, anywhere learning.

Integrative Learning

Integrative learning is an approach where students gain cross curricular knowledge, skills, and competencies by working together on projects for an extended time. They investigate and respond to an engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge.