Core of the Model

At CA, we place the individual needs of each student at the heart of everything we do. Students are at the centre of our learning model with a focus on wellness, self-awareness, belonging, and relationships.


Student wellness involves a holistic approach. We promote learned optimism and resilience by guiding students to develop confidence as healthy, capable individuals. We provide a safe, secure, and predictable environment to support the physical and social-emotional well-being of our students. By creating a supportive learning environment we deepen students’ understanding that strength and growth arise from challenges and perseverance.


We are all unique as learners and people. By promoting self-knowledge and understanding, students develop skills to reflect on their emotions, thoughts, and actions. We help build self-advocacy and self-efficacy skills that empower students to take meaningful action in their learning.


A sense of belonging helps us to feel connected as valued, contributing members of our community. We provide a safe, inclusive, and growth-oriented culture where students are embraced for their diversity and uniqueness while building compassion for self and others.


At Calgary Academy, we foster positive, supportive relationships between students, teachers, and families. Teachers actively engage with students to develop pro-social skills that encourage caring, empathy, and understanding. These positive relationships promote higher levels of achievement by involving students in the process of learning.