Do you offer before and after care?

Yes! Before and after care launches Fall 2022 and is offered through Child's Play Canada.

Who can I speak with about bussing options?

Brian Wittwer, Transportation Coordinator (403) 686-6444 ext. 275

Do you provide bussing?

We are pleased to offer transportation to all Calgary Academy students. We redesign our bus routes every year to transport students in a safe and efficient manner. Our bussing provider, First Student, normally sends bussing information out by the third week in August to families who indicated interest by submitting the student, transportation form in the parent portal, during enrolment.

What if I need to make changes to my information?

Once you have applied, you can email us at any time to inform us of any changes to your account and we will manually update them for you.

How do I access my online portal?

You can access your online application portal by using this link or you can click Apply Now.

What if I do not have all the required documents or they do not apply to my child?

Please ensure you make notes on your online application form in the designated fields, or you can email us if there are documents you cannot provide or documents that do not apply to your child.