Alumni Spotlight: Kent Merriman Jr.

December 15, 2022 2 min read

The Calgary Academy community is proud to recognize CA Alumni and celebrated Canadian artist: Kent Merriman Jr.  

Kent started his CA journey in Grade 7 and graduated in 2003. While he is a full-time professional artist, his journey didn’t start with that goal in mind. Kent dabbled in art at CA, but his focus was sports. He felt torn between committing his time to Phys ed or art, ultimately choosing to spend time moving his body and getting his energy out.   

Despite his choice, Kent often found himself in the art studio—his curiosity about what other students were creating was undeniable. During his spare time, Kent made art at home, winning awards and growing his passion.  

After graduating from CA, Kent furthered his education at Mount Royal University. He studied business, but working in the corporate world helped him realize his true passion was art. On a whim (and with encouragement from his family), Kent submitted his work to a call for local artists. He was selected for a solo show which promptly sold out. This success was the sign Kent needed to enroll at AUArts (then the Alberta College of Art and Design) and pursue his art career. 

Kent believes CA saved him in many ways. The privacy of the campus and focused attention from his teachers benefited his learning. He notes that the confidence he gained at CA helped him pursue a challenging career path. It takes a special kind of talent to succeed in the art world, and Kent’s passion shines in his work.  

Kent has fully embraced his learning differences through his art—creating magic through the vessel of the mundane: hyper-realistic expressions of everyday, overlooked items. He brings steel, plywood, and torn paper to life with mere acrylic and oil paint on canvas.  

Currently, Kent is represented by commercial galleries in Calgary and LA and shows his work internationally. His work notably features in the private collections of the Shaw family, the Glenbow Museum, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.  

CA is thrilled to be a part of Kent’s journey and cannot wait to see the incredible work he produces in the future!