Step 1

Understand your child’s unique learning needs

We invite you to our campus to attend a small group tour and presentation, where our Principal will provide an overview of our programs, giving you a detailed look at what we do and how we do it. We’ll showcase some of our exciting initiatives and how that directly benefits your child. We’ll also share how we embody our mission to help students realize their potential.

Following the presentation, our Vice Principals will walk you through our school. Along the way, you will meet some of our students and be able to talk to them about their personal experience at CA. 

Please note:

An Application Deposit Fee of $950 is required before our staff will review your child’s documents to determine if we can schedule a student assessment and tour.

Step 2

Complete and submit the application forms

Following the initial parent tour and presentation, the Admissions Department will review a student’s educational history and other relevant documents to determine eligibility to the Academy or Collegiate program. All of the necessary paperwork to complete an application will be given to you during your tour, or can be found online. Parents will be notified during the admissions process if a Psychological-Educational Assessment is required; this assessment can be no more than one year old. An admissions deposit secures a space on the placement list, however, a position on the list does not guarantee placement at our school.

Step 3

Getting to know your child

Following the preliminary file review, if we feel our school is the best option for the student’s future success, a student needs assessment is conducted. In this informal interview, prospective students will meet one-on-one with our Admissions Director, allowing us to get to know your child and gain a deeper understanding of his or her current academic performance. At the end of the interview, the student will be given a personalized tour of our facilities, where we’ll highlight all of the cool things they can participate in as a part of the CA community. Our primary goal in this meeting is to get to know your child, and identify if CA has what it takes to make them successful. 

Step 4

We’ll be in touch

Following the file review, a student needs assessment and interview, the Admissions Department will take all of a student’s learning needs into consideration and decide on an appropriate program placement to best meet the student’s unique needs. If an offer of admission is extended for the next school year, parents will be notified via email.

Step 5

Apply Now