We like to consider ourselves one of Calgary’s best-kept secrets. As a small school, we enjoy the unique advantages of a naturally close-knit community, while still providing big opportunities to our students.

As you walk down our hallways, you’ll notice no two classrooms look alike. Just as we know every one of our students is unique, we know our teachers are too. Not only do they know that the more enthusiastically they can deliver their course material, the more engaged their students will be, they’re also given the freedom to make their classroom a unique environment that capitalizes on their students’ interests. For some, that could mean incorporating their student’s newfound obsession for George Michael into their projects. For others, the Hollywood stars mark the way to the teachers’ desks. These little things are the authentic moments our students look for. The weird, cool and crazy decorations are small endorsements for them to feel free to be just as weird, cool and crazy. When kids let go of the expectations that follow them around, they unleash their personality and can build meaningful relationships with their teachers. And when that happens, the learning truly becomes fun.

At the greater school level, the student experience is a busy one. Students can play on our sports teams. They can travel the world through our international travel studies program. They can hone their shredding and ski skills on some of the best slopes around with our ski and snowboard club. And they can bike, build and (long)board with CA Cycle. These opportunities provide students with more than great memories and photos for their Instagram feed; they provide students the breadth and depth of experiences to better determine what they love to do and where they’ll take their lives. 

Our students inspire us. Every day, they come to school ready to do their best. They meet their learning challenges head on, and trust us enough to ask for support when they need it. And there’s nothing better than watching the confident smile of a mission accomplished.

When we ask them what they love about Calgary Academy, their responses are short and sweet. They finally don’t feel like they are “missing things” at school. The teachers are really nice and helpful. They feel valued as both an individual learner as well as part of a larger class. The integrated studies options are awesome. And our food is really good. Their words may be simple, but they are their words, enthusiastic and honest, just like our kids.

Click below to hear directly from our students on why they love CA, what makes this school different from other schools they’ve attended and why they’d recommend CA to everyone. 

Every CA student is encouraged to don our CA colours and represent the Knights in extra-curricular sports. We believe that athletics are a natural complement to classroom achievement, and that belief is proven every day as we watch our students transform into athletes, team players and leaders from the moment they step onto their playing field or court. It doesn’t matter if they’re diving for a spiked ball or jumping up for a rebound, every sport gives kids the opportunity to learn self-awareness, dedication and camaraderie. When we look at Knights athletics, we see opportunities for character building in an exciting environment that fosters life skills and character development, while furthering the development of the CA community. Our students are our players, our teachers are their coaches, and our parents become our cheerleaders. Knights Athletics brings every group together to celebrate being a part of something bigger: the CA community.

CA is part of the Calgary Independent Schools Athletics Association (CISAA). Though we strive to build competitive teams, the true measures of success are the skillsets and confidence our students develop and the number of athletes who continue their involvement in sports long after they leave our school.

Track and Field

Grade 7

Every student gets to be a part of the team huddle, as students will make the teams they tryout for. This lets our students explore which (or all) of the sports they enjoy. We also know how precious time is for a parent. To cut down on the number of extra-curriculars you have to ferry your children to after school, team practices for grades 7 through 9 occur during the physical education period. This maximized attendance and participation, and is proved by the fact that 65% of students play on at least one Knights team. CISAA league games occur after school.

Grades 8-12

Once our students have had the low-pressure chance to learn which sports they love, its time to slowly turn up the heat. In grades 8 to 12 the teams transition to a competitive focus, as the competitive nature of sport provides a safe environment for students to experience challenge, success and failure. All students are encouraged to try out, and every effort is made to include them. We succeed and fail as a team, allowing our students to learn group dynamics and the collaborative elements of sportsmanship: natural catalysts for personal growth.

We want CA students to have the opportunity to participate in sports all year round, so we offer a wide variety them to keep kids active and engaged. Knights Athletics play the following sports:

We may be a small school, but we provide big opportunities. Students can play on our sports teams. They can travel the world through the International Travel Studies program. They can hone their shredding and ski skills on some of the best slopes around with our Ski and Snowboard Club. These opportunities for students were intentionally designed by our people, for our people.