Hello and welcome to a new school year! We are pleased to announce that Calgary Academy has, for the first time, established a School Council. Executive members of the council were elected in June and are as follows:

  • Chair: Jackie McDougall
  • Vice Chair: Jytte Maleski
  • Secretary: Ken Bews
  • Volunteer Coordinators: Shannyn de Kruff & Carolyn Whitelaw
  • Director at Large: John Johnson

Our goal is to enhance the educational experience of students at Calgary Academy and to provide a forum for parents to learn about important issues affecting the school. We welcome all parents/guardians of children who are attending Calgary Academy as well as all faculty, staff and current CA students to School Council meetings. We look forward to hearing about your ideas, suggestions and concerns. Further information about school council will soon be available on the Calgary Academy website.

Babysitting will be provided, so please mark your calendars and attend our first meeting on:

Upcoming Meetings
September 17 Agenda.

October 15
November 19
January 21
February 25 
May 13 AGM 

Click here to view the School Council of Calgary Academy bylaws. The bylaws were approved by the Board of Directors on May 11, 2018.

Minutes from the September 17 meeting coming soon.