Empowering students to thrive inside and out of the classroom wouldn’t be possible without the support of the only people more invested in their success than us: their parents. We know what an incredible responsibility you place in our hands when you entrust us with your child’s future. We are honoured by that trust and consider it our personal duty to exceed yours and your child’s expectations.

We know the best way for your child to succeed is if we work together. Building close relationships with you isn’t just a byproduct of the CA experience; it’s one of our priorities. You can expect regular communication from your child’s teacher, and we encourage you to stop by their classroom to chat. You will be part of the conversation when we set goals for your students, and a valued member of the team to ensure we succeed.

Our mission is to forever change the lives of students and their families.  Click on one of the testimonials below to hear from our parents on how our success impacts their children and their family.