Remediation is our core.

Remediating learning difficulties is one of our specialties. With homeroom teachers tailoring their mentoring approach and academic instruction to the way each student learns, and Literacy and Numeracy Specialists leveraging diagnostic assessment and performance data to develop personalized supports, our school is committed to empowering learning for every child.

Classrooms become communities.

With extraordinarily low student-teacher ratios, each child's class naturally becomes a close-knit community that offers acceptance and support among peers. Our teachers focus on embracing diversity, celebrating kindness and showcasing success. In doing do, they transform classrooms into supportive learning communities.

We teach kids how to learn.

The primary focus of our Academy program is to understand the root cause of each child's learning difficulties. We then develop a customized learning plan to effectively address the specific areas of need while leveraging natural strengths to return joy and confidence to the learning experience. We then coach each student to develop a personalized series of tools and strategies which can be applied across multiple environments and contexts.