We’re here for people who learn differently.

No matter where a student’s talents lie or interests take them, we strive to make our school a place they look forward to coming to. Through a holistic approach to education, our vibrant learning community empowers students to develop the confidence, independence and connections they need to thrive in any learning environment. 

Calgary Academy is committed to providing a welcoming, caring, respectful, and safe learning environment. Our Board's commitment to students can be read here.

By defying the conventional, we can achieve the exceptional.

Everything we do is designed to give our students the opportunity to succeed in school and in life. Our approach begins with the dedicated, thoughtful teachers we hire and continues with the enthusiastic way they deliver our specialized program. The result is a positive and engaging learning experience for every student. From our end-of-summer visit, where they get to explore their classroom and meet their teachers ahead of time, to the first few weeks of school, there are a variety of programs and supports in place to ensure they make many connections in our school. As our students learn, grow, succeed and set new goals, they continually redefine and challenge the limits of what was supposed to be impossible for them. We ignite a passion for learning; showing students that school should be enjoyable and learning should be fun. Creating an environment for student success means showing them how much they truly are capable of achieving, and that the only limits on their future are what they choose to accomplish.

Welcome to Calgary Academy.

A great school teaches more than just textbooks. At Calgary Academy, we strive to help our students develop self-confidence and social skills as well as academics. We’re here to suggest, guide and support our students in building a future that’s broader than just amazing grades. By staying true to our goals, we can help our students build amazing lives. 

Goal One
Maximize every student’s academic performance

We teach students the core processes necessary to build an effective learning toolbox. Our customized remedial programs are designed to leverage a student’s natural strengths to close academic skill gaps. Once they’re at or above grade-level, we provide enrichment opportunities that enable them to tackle more complex tasks. 

Goal Two
Teach independent work habits and transferable skills.

Once students have filled their toolbox, they need to develop the independent work habits and transferable skills to use it more effectively. By complimenting time management, organization and planning strategies with transferable skills such as test preparation, note making and test taking, we ensure students can use their toolbox to achieve success in learning and life.

Goal Three
Improve pro-social and self-advocacy skills. 

Empathy, asking for help, and speaking up are just some of the critical skills children need to form healthy friendships and relationships with peers and adults. We teach students how to choose actions and assess consequences as they develop the foundational skills required to have healthy social experiences wherever they go.

Goal Four
Build self-esteem and self-confidence.

Students need a safe, secure and predictable learning environment to build self-esteem and self-confidence. By developing meaningful student-teacher relationships, we make sure every student has the opportunity to succeed and that every accomplishment is celebrated. As a student’s self-esteem and self-confidence grows, it ignites a passion for success in every aspect of their lives.

A word to live, work and learn by.

At CA, REACH is a way of life. These principles embody our core beliefs and guide the way our students interact with each other and the world. These principles aren’t just words on the wall, they’re embedded in our community. We live, breathe and speak them every day. Students learn to embrace REACH by seeing examples of its success in every aspect of our school, from fellow students to staff. Once students are comfortable with REACH, it serves as an essential guide and positive reference point for decision-making and social success.


Acceptance and compassion towards themselves, others and their surroundings.


A passion for living, learning, and the ability to bring positivity and energy to every experience.


A concern for the welfare of others without anticipation of reward and an understanding that our actions help us become the people we admire.


The self-motivation to set goals and work relentlessly to achieve them—when it’s easy and when it’s challenging.


Sincerity and integrity towards themselves and others, and the recognition that this is the foundation of meaningful relationships. 

Our students benefit from their teachers’ expertise, which is enhanced through the support of our on-site Learning Support Team. The Learning Support Team includes our Psychologist, Speech Language Pathologist, Career Counselor, Instructional Coach and Dean of Student Affairs. These specialists are equal partners in our mission to help students find success in their learning. Our CA team shares, advises and supports one another, and the result is that our students don’t just reap the benefits of a great teacher. They reap the benefits of 120 education experts collectively committed to their success, every single day.

Career Counselor

All CA students participate in a three-phase career identification process. There’s no single path to success for any graduate. We’re not here to define their future; we’re here to help students define it for themselves. From early assessments of possible career paths and the necessary steps to get there, to the application stage of post-secondary education, our career counselor provides the support and resources to empower students to decide where their future will lead.

Dean of Student Affairs

The Dean of Student Affairs provides additional support for students who are going through unique circumstances and as a result are struggling to meet expectations.

Instructional Coach

Our instructional coach provides ongoing support and expertise to our faculty. Teachers are trained in the most effective strategies to implement CA’s four goals and REACH principles in our classrooms and community.


Our psychologist provides support to students and staff by administering and reviewing students’ psycho-educational assessments. For our students, this helps us gain further insights into their learning needs. For our teachers, this provides them with an in-house expert to ensure they can support students with additional needs. Our psychologist also provides assessments to determine the nature of a student’s difficulty, so we can recommend specialists for ongoing support.

Speech Language Pathologist

Our speech pathologist helps students who require additional support with speech or language skills, which may be linked to their learning difficulties.