Calgary Academy alumni write their own futures

Once a member of the Calgary Academy community, always a member. This has always been our mantra as we watch our students transform into graduates and move on to new challenges and adventures in their lives. This year we hosted the first-ever Career Day, an event designed to reconnect with our alumni while simultaneously giving our current students a peek into what options await them after their graduation.

Fourteen of our esteemed alumni joined us as speakers on Career Day, and shared their unique stories with the entire grades 9-12 student body. Students selected the presentations that most resonated with them, and the options ranged from doctors and engineers to actors and animators. While our alumni came from diverse industries and careers, their stories shared a common thread: CA was their foundation.

From the study skills that helped them succeed in higher education, to the REACH principles that instilled a diligence they now depend on, all of our speakers recognize that the education and experience they received at CA opened doors and created possibilities. As alumnus Andrew McMurray (‘04) told us, “nothing about my job I learned, or could have learned, in school. But Calgary Academy taught me how to learn, and my diploma was a ticket that told other people I can learn and think outside the box.”

Career Day is part of a burgeoning new alumni series, and will return next year. Throughout the remaining school year, a series of alumni events will take place.